Tackling the Issues

What are your main reasons for running for a county commission seat?

Nobody's really talking about freedom or liberty any more, and if they are, they're not doing anything about it. Instead, governments keep growing more expensive and more intrusive, without regard to whether the programs are effective or even legitimate. Franklin County's last budget exceeded $1 billion for the first time. Do the commissioners talk about reducing it? No, they talk about using taxpayer money to build a hundred-million-dollar baseball stadium. As someone who has lived in Franklin County my whole life, I wanted to hear something other than the normal political nonsense for a change, even if I had to be the one to say it.

What do you see as the major issues facing the commission and how would you address them?

The county has a bloated, billion-dollar budget; I would work to reduce it. I would sell assets and privatize services that serve no proper government function. The county does have legitimate functions, such as the courts, the sheriff, and the board of elections, among others. Running a baseball team is not among those functions. And I say that as a life long baseball fan. Another problem we face is the shell game being played with our tax dollars. The state shifts money to the county, the county shifts money to the cities, the federal government shifts money to all of them. Even the experts aren't quite sure where it comes from or where it's going. We need to reduce the confusion so taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

What about your background, experience or personality makes you the best person for this office?

I think I'll be more effective than my opponents at implementing a small government platform, because my opponents don't have a small government philosophy. As a consultant, I've had to adapt quickly to many different work environments, and I expect this will enable me make a smooth transition into the office. Would my effectiveness be even greater if I had more experience in politics? Probably, but experience is really secondary, all things considered. I'll make sure the commission never forgets that the money we're spending belongs to the taxpayers, and we must make sure a program fulfills a necessary government function before we spend that money.

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